William Rudling Illustrator-Designer

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adel cornfield landscapeAdel Cornfield
daleswayDalesWay Walk
Knott MillKnott Mill

Original artwork from a subject of your choice.

A landscape of your house with your family included in the painting?

Alternatively, choose from from my own range of subjects

Original artwork is available in pastel, watercolours, or acrylics.


Adel Cornfield

Medium: Palette knife acrylic. Size 22 x 16 inches.  £380 framed


Medium: Watercolour. Size 17 x 14.5 inches. £200 framed

Dalesway Walk

Medium: Palette knife acrylic. Size 17 x 22 inches. £300 framed


Medium Watercolour. Size 21 x 15.5 inches.  £250 framed

Knott Mill, Manchester

This is work in progress- the sky is not to my satisfaction and needs subtle detailing and is a departure from the two subjects above; I feel looking at the beckoning white circle of light beneath the viaduct has a spiritual effect for me.